Volunteering to offer EMDR Supervision Online

At Trauma Aid UK, we firmly believe that supervision is fundamental in supporting clinicians to use EMDR in their clinical work. Without supervision, many clinicians stop practicing EMDR or do not practice it as well as they could.

Providing ongoing supervision (online) post training is central to the work of Trauma Aid UK. Each clinician we train is paired with a UK-based supervisor, and supervision is done either in groups or individually.

At Trauma Aid UK, we are always looking for EMDR consultants to offer supervision via skype on a voluntary basis to EMDR clinicians overseas, who have gone through our training programmes.

The Supervision is generally undertaken online using Zoom, Skype or other online application.

Our Training Ethos

If you are an EMDR Consultant and would like to become a Trauma Aid UK supervisor, please register using the form below and we will be in contact.

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If you are allocated to a Peer Support Group we will need to share your contact details with other Group Members.