Relieving Trauma – Training Locally

Supporting Research

E-Therapy Pilot Research Project

EMDR for Syrian women refugees

A major research project that is delivering EMDR therapy online to Syrian women refugees


Part of our Mission

Trauma Aid UK is bringing together reports and articles on research contributing to increased understanding of the role of EMDR training and the benefits it delivers to trauma sufferers and those with PTSD.

Middle East Project

Spreading EMDR throughout the Middle East

Trauma Aid UK runs EMDR training for some of the most traumatised areas of the Middle East

From early 2020 we have been using online training

“The Arabic examples and experiences (cases) given by lecturers and facilitators enriched the course.”


All items benefiting Trauma Aid UK

Trauma Aid UK offers its own EMDR related products and some vendors’ products. The profits from these products are donated to Trauma Aid UK.

Prestigious award for Trauma Aid UK trained clinician


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Bosnia-Hercegovina Project

Growing self-sufficiency

Trauma Aid UK’s work has built the basis for a strong EMDR capability in Bosnia-Hercegovina.

About Trauma Aid UK

Ten years of Trauma Aid UK

Trauma Aid UK runs Trauma Training Projects

Many volunteers contribute to our work

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If you are an EMDR Supervisor can you offer Skype supervision for our trainees

We firmly believe that supervision is fundamental in supporting clinicians

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Volunteer Supervisors Register

Now operational

Trauma Aid UK supports a team of more than 80 Volunteer Supervisors, 50 of whom are currently giving their time free to supervise more than 130 Supervisees.

This involves a great deal of work for our Volunteer Co-ordinator who manages the complicated logistics of applications to be a Volunteer Supervisor and assignments of Supervisees in North Africa, Bosnia and the Middle East.

We have now sent out login details to all of our Volunteer Supervisors so if you have not heard from us please contact our Volunteer Co-Ordinator by email at: VolunteerCo-Ordinator@traumaaiduk.org

EMDR in the Era of COVID-19

Dear Friends, Colleagues and EMDR Practitioners,

EMDR Resources in the Era of COVID-19 is meant for you to use and share with other colleagues. Please post it on the websites or your regional, national, TRNs, CRNs and other related groups that will find it helpful.

The only request is that you acknowledge our work with an appropriate citation. If you are going to use it in a presentation, write to the author noted in the copyright notice at the end of the chapter to advise him/her/them.

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A website for Traumatic Stress

It has EMDR early intervention, stabilisation and reprocessing instructions for current and on going Traumatic Stress – not PTSD.
The exercises are safe enough to be used by the public and Frontliners to use as self help.  A video on stabilisation is included which can be used without therapist assistance.  It could be used in the NHS at screening or as we go through waiting lists.
The website is:1stcontact.net