How to use the Volunteer Supervisor Register

Logging into our VSR

1. Go to our website
2. On the top menu, under ‘For clinicians’ select ‘Volunteer Supervisor Login’.
3. On the next page, enter your Supervisor ID and Password and click ‘Login’.
4. Your login details are then checked to ensure that the Supervisor ID and Password are valid and a confirmation screen displayed. Click the ‘Continue to options’ button.

Your options

Your Options page then appears. There is only one option at present. Click on ‘Go to your Supervisees’.

Please remember to LOGOUT after every visit – all pages have a LOGOUT button top and bottom to use at any time.

Assignment of your Supervisees

The Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch to let you know about assigning your supervisees. You will then be invited to go to your entry on the VSR where you will see the details of the supervisee(s) that have been assigned. The Volunteer Co-ordinator will also advise you about getting into contact with supervisees and setting up supervision session dates and times.

List of Supervisees

On the ‘Update Supervisee(s)’ page your details are shown first.

Please let us know if any details about you are incorrect by emailing:

You can update details of your Supervisee(s) by clicking on ‘Edit‘ at the end of each Supervisee line. After a pause, during which little blobs might cycle round, an update screen will appear above the list of your Supervisees. You can change any details that are within white boxes for that Supervisee.

How often to update your Supervisees

We ask you to login to the VSR on a regular basis, possibly after a supervision if anything has changed (for example a supervisee has left). Please update any details that are missing or incorrect – particularly ‘Attendance’:

  • ‘Attending’ means just that;
  • ‘Absent’ means not attending but you do not know why;
  • ‘Taking break’ means that the supervisee is absent but you know why; and,
  • ‘Left; means that you believe the supervisee to have left supervision. The Volunteer Co-ordinator will be automatically notified when a supervisee has left and will be in touch with you about a possible replacement.

Other details such as ‘Country working in’, ‘Accreditation(s)’ and ‘Profession’ are very helpful. A Mobile number generally applies only in a WhatsApp supervision group.

After updating

Once you have made your updates click ‘Update’ and you will be returned to the main page. Incidentally, you can click ‘Cancel’ down in the list next to your supervisee, ‘Back to Volunteer Supervisor options’ or ‘LOGOUT’ to cancel all changes.

You can then go back to the options page and LOGOFF or simply LOGOFF from the Supervisees page.

Any questions

Please do not hesitate to email