E-Therapy Pilot Research Project

providing EMDR for Syrian Women Refugees

From mid-2020 we have been planning another exciting research project which again has come into its own during this year of the pandemic. This is a pilot project, supported logistically by Mercy Without Limits based in Turkey, providing E-therapy to 50 Syrian female refugees.

The project team comprises 3 therapists who were trained by Trauma Aid UK in 2016 in Turkey and is managed by Batoul Akkad, pictured left, who is an EMDR Europe Accredited psychotherapist.

Our Middle-East Co-ordinator Dr Walid Abdul-Hamid is overseeing the project and the research is being undertaken by UCL Research Fellow Dr Aseel Hamid.

The project has been funded by Trauma Aid UK  and started treating participants in January 2021. We hope that the pilot results will prove promising enough for us to seek further funding to continue this project.

Here are some of the comments from recipients so far:

“For the first time, I feel that I am on the right path to psychological peace. I feel that I am returning to myself and to my truth and not what others want or what the past experiences impose on me. For the first time in my life, I am free from the feelings of being the victim, from the helplessness and deep hostility towards the parties that caused my harm, I have already started to own and lead my life.”

“The best thing is that I became able to watch my story like a movie, a movie that I watch without fear!”

“It’s almost like magic, I go to sleep without fear, and the nightmares have completely disappeared.”

“I searched a lot for this kind of service, my salary was not enough to pay the costs of treatment and there are no free psychological services in my city, I felt as if you were a gift from heaven for me… The treatment I need is free and arrives to my home, being online made it easier for me to access. I cannot express my gratitude enough.”

We have benefitted enormously financially this year too from the generous donations from Regional Groups who have organised on-line workshops. The Consultants’ Workshop in November 2020 also provided us with a boost in funds. All the Trustees would like to thank the wider EMDR Community for their support. This has made the E-therapy project a reality.