London Saturday 3 November 2018

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Specifically for clinicians who are either Consultants or Consultants in training

CPD 6 units

St Albans Centre
Leigh Place
Baldwin Gardens
London EC1N 7AB

Registration starting at 9:00am and workshop closing at 4:30pm


9:00am Registration

9:30am (with a break 11:00am – 11:30am)
EMDR and psychosis with Dr Paul Miller

A leader in this field, Paul will cover background and research which explains how EMDR can be safely used to help individuals with schizophrenia and other psychoses by formulating these disorders within a trauma and dissociation model.

He will describe useful modifications to the EMDR 8 Phase protocol and include case studies which illustrate its successful use with this client group.

This is an important area for EMDR Consultants to familiarise themselves with, even if this is not their client group.  It illustrates how EMDR can be used across the spectrum of complex presentations with confidence.

1:00pm Lunch

EMDR & Suicidality within Crisis Teams with Simon Proudlock, EMDR Accredited Consultant and Consultant Psychologist, CRHTT West/EMDR Innovation Project, Berkshire Healthcare Trust

This workshop will enable EMDR Consultants to feel more confident at offering supervision to clinicians working with individuals who present with high clinical risk. Simon will aim to update Consultants on his work that has been completed so far on using EMDR Therapy with individuals who are suicidal, highlight current developments and show how the standard protocol can be used to treat individuals who are suicidal.

It is hoped that on completion of this workshop, consultants will have increased confidence to work with clients who present as suicidal and to supervise other therapists who may work with this client group.

Volunteer Supervisors for Trauma Aid UK: Experience, Benefits and Contributions
Sian Morgan, President of Trauma AidUK, will explain how the volunteering system works, how it can benefit Consultants and Consultants in Training and outcomes for EMDR trainees participating in the Middle East and Bosnia.

3:15pm – 3:30pm Tea

EMDR Association Accreditation Committee
Revisiting Accreditation Criteria and Q & A Session

4:30pm Close

Suggested donation to the work of Trauma Aid UK is £70* including morning and afternoon tea and coffee and a buffet lunch will be available.

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Sian Morgan

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