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We’re often asked at Trauma Aid UK for ideas and advice about support literature and equipment for therapists setting out on the practice of EMDR.

Trauma Aid UK has a range of particularly useful publications and aids for EMDR suitable for both clinicians and clients/patients.

EMDR Clinical Supervision & Consultation Resource Pack

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Other EMDR resources including protocol pads, laminated VoCs/SUDs and the items below can be ordered directly from Ulf Jarisch at EMDR Equipment Europe with proceeds going to support the work of Trauma Aid UK.

We are always looking for original materials to sell so if you have ideas or are able to design new materials, we’d love to hear from you.

Handbook for Clients

The perfect summary to hand to clients at the start of EMDR therapy, setting out how it works and how it’s applied, and with space for clients to capture their keystone memories and the associated cognitions, and track their own progress.

Case Formulation

Direct from Francine Shapiro herself, outlines and summarises in simple, direct language how EMDR is best applied, all the way through the three prongs and the eight stages. Greatly prized by newcomers still getting used to the protocol, but invaluable too for older hands concerned to keep their practise sharp.

EMDR and Mourning

First class summary by Dutch senior EMDR trainer Joany Spierings of the nature and quality of bereavement, and how EMDR can be used to address the pain of loss that has become stuck and facilitate the process of healthy grieving.

Explaining EMDR

A story for very young children

Explaining EMDR - A story for very young childrenSimple description for children of what happens in an EMDR session. Ideal for preparation for EMDR work.

This brochure comes in pink for male therapists, and in green for female therapists. Subtle differences in wording and approach matter when working with the very young. When ordering, please specify which version.


Equipment - Please note that Trauma Aid UK takes no responsibility for any choice of equipment you might make after reading this page.

Tappers, Light bar and Headphones

EMDR Equipment Europe Products

Buy from EMDR Equipment Europe

Ulf Jarisch, a regular attendee at EMDR workshops and conferences across Europe with his comprehensive book stall, is the UK distributor for what many of us at EMDR find are very reliable equipment sets, with hand buzzers that don’t burn out in a couple of months, and a simple light bar which always goes down well with clients.

His equipment comes with a two-year guarantee, and can be ordered directly from EMDR Equipment Europe – go to his site for more information.

Ulf also sells EMDR support CDs, for clients to use on their own or indeed which can be used in session for bilateral stimulation in place of either hand-led eye movements or audio/tactile.