London, Saturday 16 November


The EMDR accreditation committee are pleased to announce a day for EMDR consultants

The theme is around dilemmas for EMDR consultants

10:00am to 5:00pm (registration from 9:30am)


This will be an interactive activity-based day with group work exercises (including C&A specific) and case scenarios, trouble shooting and best practice.

Please note that this event is open only to accredited EMDR Europe Consultants and not to Consultants-in-training.

Members of the EMDR UK & Ireland accreditation committee will facilitate the workshop.

Delegates are asked to bring a supervision difficulty and will be offered the opportunity to explore it within facilitated small groups.

A Q&A panel will address any queries regarding accreditation and reaccreditation. The workshop will also include a presentation by the editor of the EMDR Therapy Quarterly specifically aimed as encouraging EMDR Consultants to write papers for the national association publication.

Tea/coffee will be provided but participants will need to make their own arrangements for lunch. There are a variety of lunch possibilities nearby.

The Accreditation Committee has awarded 6 CPD credits for this Workshop.


Malet Suite

Student Central

University of London

Malet Street



Directions: Click here for full venue details and directions

Attendance is free of charge to all Consultants as all the costs will be covered by the EMDR Association which is kindly sponsoring this event. However, as usual, Trauma Aid UK invites delegates to make a minimum donation of £80 per person to support our work.

Please complete the form below to register for the event.

Sian Morgan

President of Trauma Aid UK


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